Remember Kindergarten!

Remember kindergarten? We were all creative then. We played. We experimented without any fear. We didn’t know not to! It is possible to regain those creative abilities decades later.


I’ve taken my vows and I am moving forward with something new, something exciting…sharing something creative and inspiring on a monthly basis. I want to learn, grow and thrive as a creative individual while educating an interested community of eager creatives and others who want to find creativity within themselves and use it to find inspiring ideas, directions and outcomes.


So here I am starting a blog. The world needs another!?


My hope is that my content will be current, fresh and inspiring that businesses, schools and organizations – large and small can collaborate while uitlizing my creative problem solving methods and tools. The information shared can be used in your daily lives professionally and personally, deeply rooted in the daily 8-5 work scenario or outside of that in your personal activities.


I am calling it Creativity : Noted.


I’ve been a note taker, list maker and journaler most of my life and have all sorts of insightful tips and tricks to help bring creativity into any situation. Sometimes I bring a new idea into a client project and tweak the contents, making some small alterations that enhance the end results. Other times I implement an important creative idea and end up going in a completely different direction, for the better. An overhaul you might say, reworking the problem so that the best solution reveals itself.


Be prepared to be enlightened, inspired, challenged and become aware of the endless possibilities of bringing creativity back into your lives.