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Are you doing what it takes for your brand to stand out and get noticed online?

I recently attended the Colorado Hotel and Lodging Association conference at The Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs and a high ranking Agency Lead at Google, Rabia Khalil was the keynote speaker.

Rabia stated that we need to inspire people to travel to Colorado and stay at our hotels. People who plan to travel conduct the majority of their research online before making a concrete decision. They either use travel Apps, social media channels or go directly to hotel websites.

Did you know that we check our smart phones and tablets about
150 times a day and six times every hour for about one minute?

We are obsessed with the need to stay connected and to find out what’s presently happening. Therefore, we have short attention spans.

Today’s travelers begin planning their trip online. Digital is the primary source for researching a trip and finding travel inspiration.

Travelers will look for inspiration, referencing short video clips that show various opportunities of destination travel and help influence travel decisions. All important resorts and hotels should make sure they’re showing up on the right channels, the channels where their audience is hanging out.

Travelers enjoy reading stories to stay engaged and look for relevant, fresh content they can relate to and that makes an impact. This helps travelers narrow their search and come to their necessary decision-making – booking reservations.

Here are five important presentation take-aways:
1. Shoot for “snackable” moments where travelers can take travel-inspired bites of information when they choose.
2. Be in the moment with fresh content, graphics and images to capture your travel audience’s attention.
3. Bring on a guest content writer to share a different perspective on your website, blog and social channels.
4. Keep it all short and sweet. Remember, we have short attention spans.
5. Partner with specialists – a graphic designer, photographer, videographer and copywriter so they can assist your business in standing out and getting noticed!

Marni Myers Creative has specialists on staff to help solidify your business brand and messaging and to maintain a fresh look and feel with your graphics and images.

If you are in the hospitality and travel-related business, assist your audience by streamlining how they plan their trip. Provide just enough information (online) for your audience to pull from so that they can make their travel decisions on their own time.

Graphically & Photographically Telling Your Story,

Marni is Chief Creative Officer at Marni Myers Creative, a brand strat­egy and graphic design stu­dio in Denver, Colorado. With over 20 years of design experience with print and interactive programs, Marni partners with resorts and hotels, food and beverage and small businesses to help them stand out and get noticed. She also owns Myers Photography, a photography studio that creates custom dig­i­tal images for business materials, social media and for display at resorts, hotels, restaurants and galleries. You can reach Marni at (303) 808-0326 and

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