Does Creativity Move You?

Did you see that puppy commercial during the Super Bowl?

 You know the one. Whether you watched football or not this past Sunday I bet you heard something about the “Lost Puppy” ad by Budweiser, on social media or elsewhere.


How much do we really think about what we see in passing every day?

A billboard while driving
An email campaign on social media
Products on shelves at the grocery store
A magazine in the dentist office
A brochure on a rack at a museum
An ad during Super Bowl Sunday

You have seconds to see, learn and think quickly about “them”, the products being pushed, before you begin passing judgement. You then decide what to do with them next…
Tack them to your office wall or computer screen
Slip them in a file folder to reference later
Forward to a business partner
Throw them away

Do you relate to these forms of marketing and advertising in some way?

Do they make you respond emotionally or cause you to act – add the product to your wish list or go out and buy what they’re selling?


What do you remember about them later on?

Is there a specific message, identity, color, or other item that stays with you long term? If so, WHAT? Why do you think they stay with you?

I know you remember,

“My Bologna has…”, “They’re Great!” (Tony the Tiger) and Nike, Coca Cola or Apple logos. What about “Use Only What You Need” (Denver Water) billboards? I certainly do! There’s something there I relate to – the vivid colors, the catchy jingles, the simplicity of a mark, their persuasive nature.

Your memory falls back on what you know. If your past shows you playing in the mountains while wearing a brand name jacket, skis, boots and goggles. You come across a billboard or magazine showing a similar scenario and you are prone to relate it to your memories.
Your emotions respond well to what you already know.

Let me know what creative project(s) moves you and why.