Customizing Photography

Why custom photography works better than stock photography for social media, websites, blogs and eblasts.


Based on time constraints and limited budgets, you pull stock images from online stock imagery sites. You place the images in your marketing materials – brochures, websites and social media needs and call it “good”.

         Don’t you want more than “good” to stand out and get noticed?


Something always feels odd when we use stock images because someone else is out there using that same “rubber ducky” image or “dollar bill stretched around a piggy bank”.

You could be creating a vault of custom images to choose from and to place on all your pages.

Create an image vault, right now, and begin creating unique, original images like we did for client, Strange Craft Beer Company.

I am an award-winning professional photographer and use customized images in client project work. What I’ve discovered is that custom images tell a more personal story of my client’s business. Using custom images helps you look more professional and allows you to stand out among the competition in your marketplace.


“A great photograph is one that fully expresses what one feels, in the deepest sense, about what is being photographed.”       Ansel Adams


You only have one chance to make a first impression, and it better be more than just good. You should care about what presence you are putting out there.

I snapped my first important image in college. It was of a bike rack at a very unique prospective. I blew it up poster size, mounted it to foam core and displayed it on walls at several apartments for all to admire.

For your social media, websites, blogs and eblasts, custom images will help you STAND OUT and GET NOTICED. Prospective clients and customers will notice that you took the time and made the investment in your business, and it shows.

Having a vault of custom images at hand allows you to change up the art on a monthly basis and post fresh, relevant news about your latest product, project or service. Keeping your pages fresh with new photography, graphics and content will bring new attention, the right attention, you are looking for.

I am offering Social Media Packages to beef up your online presence and create a vault of key images to assist you in telling your story. Once a month, we meet at your business and capture moments specific to you and your business. We’ll capture people, places and objects that share your personal business stories.


For more information on creating custom photography for your business, reach out to Marni Myers Creative and schedule your free consultation.

Graphically and Photographically Telling Your Story


Marni is Chief Creative Officer at Marni Myers Creative, a brand strat­egy and graphic design stu­dio in Denver, Colorado. With over 20 years of design experience with print and interactive programs, Marni partners with resorts hotels, food and beverage and small businesses to help them stand out and get noticed. She also owns Myers Photography, a photography studio that creates custom dig­i­tal images for business materials and to display at resorts, hotels, restaurants and galleries. You can reach Marni at (303) 808-0326 and

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