Brand & Marketing Strategy

Creative Strategy and Planning Session

A good strategy cannot be devised without fully understanding the problem and the objective, then translating the learned information into a solid solution.

Marni Myers Creative begins with a Creative Strategy & Planning Session asking questions that will clearly define what your business needs to accomplish and uncover what the end results should look like. We act as a sponge, absorbing as much relevant information as possible in order to thoroughly learn your business. We want to know what sets your business apart from your competition, who you want to work with and what your aspiring goals are. We take inventory, reviewing your existing materials and discovering what your new materials must achieve. We gain knowledge of your business so that we can perform well in ours, bringing visibility and recognition, and inspiring your audience to take action.

MMC researches and analyzes the competition first, during which we arrive at the critical strategic decisions that guide our efforts. Once we define the problem and gather enough data, we use it as a resource and start sketching quick passing ideas to see if they are worth pursuing, before we hit the computer for further concepting. We narrow our ideas, present them, and together we determine a joint direction to move forward.

MMC strives to find the best solutions that work for your established business, a solution that is appropriate, memorable and relevant. This approach assists you in resonating with your potential clients while building visibility, recognition and branding they will remember.

Are you ready to create visibility and recognition while building a brand with passion and purpose?


Stay undeniably recognized by creating a consistent, cohesive branding platform online and off. Schedule a Creative Strategy & Planning Session today and get started on redefining your vision for your evolving brand. Give Marni a call at (303) 808-0326 or send an email to


“Marni took the time to understand our organizations mission and vision, and she produced a high quality brochure, program and other materials to help us tell our story, while working with a very tight deadline.”

Kelly Holley, Executive Director
Challenge Foundation