Creative Strategy & Planning Session


Creative Strategy & Planning Session

Before you start branding or rebranding anything, you have to clearly understand what you are changing and why you are changing it.

It’s important that Marni Myers Creative learns your history, strengths, weaknesses, unique qualities and expectations to clearly define a vision and direction for your business and your brand.

We collaborate up front in order to start on the right creative path. During our two-hour session we review your creative needs so that we are well informed to fully understand your organizations objectives and goals. A Creative Road Map and suggestions for next steps are provided following the initial session.

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Creative Strategy & Planning Sessions

•  For Individuals, Small Businesses and Corporate Teams
•  Brand strategy and/or project planning to clearly define a vision for your business and/or your brand.

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“Marni Myers Creative partnered with Spark It Studios to develop a rebranding strategy which included a new logo as well as a new website. We brainstormed extensively during a creative strategy session to tease out exactly what Spark It wants to portray to its various audiences. Our focus on process and creative discovery were aspects of our philosophy that we brought forth through Marni’s probing phase. She insightfully asked all the right questions and dug deep to uncover exactly what our organization needed to portray for success.”

Pam Peters, Owner/Instructor
SparkIt Studios