Discovering Your Best Business Ideas

When do your best business ideas arrive?

Do they arrive on Tuesday mornings, Thursday afternoons or on Sunday evenings?

Where are you when your best ideas arrive?

Are you on your way to work, at a business meeting or outside during a break?

We would all like those amazing business ideas to arrive when we need them, during an 8-5 work week, but much of time, they do not.

For me, my best ideas arrive when I am getting up from the office chair and away from the bright glow of the computer screen. My ideas arrive when I give myself a break.

For a brief moment the pressure of coming up with a “Brilliant!” idea temporarily goes away. Some people call it idling or doing a few minutes of nothing but “chilling”. Sound lovely?

Steve Jobs was known for taking walks around his neighborhood and around the Apple complex to clear his mind and allow something extraordinary to arrive. The good ‘ole walk and think modo. He would take current and prospective clients with him on those walks and many times something magical would happen. Either a decision was made with a clear direction and next steps, or an interesting idea would pop up that needed immediate, deeper pursuing.

Away from distractions of office noise, Jobs was able to open up in the fresh air and deeply think through pressing problems and complex issues. He pressed on to find a better solution to his problems in a creative manner.

He, and I, like to go outside of the “every day” way of thinking and use big sky thinking, a manner in which there are no rules and brainstorming is key.

When can you take an uninterrupted break in order to let idea generation opening flow within you?

Can you make time during your drive to work, your lunch break or on a Sunday afternoon at your token coffee shop?

Where is the best place to make your ideas arrive?

Is it on a bike ride, during a yoga flow class, or on your ninth hole of golf?

Find out what works for you and schedule it into your day. Consider it a meeting booked with yourself. Tell “them” your schedule is busy for 15 minutes to an hour and go to it.

Give yourself a break and your ideas will arrive. Go ahead, take a retreat. Slip away from everyone, and everything to think (PLAY!) alone with your ideas.

If you need a partner to assist you in helping your ideas arrive, schedule a call, (303) 808-0326 and we can discuss the many ways in which we can collaborate and ideate together to come up with the best fit for your business and your brand.

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