Follow Your Curiosity

Follow your curiosity and you will benefit.

When was the last time you asked yourself what most excites you, drives you, piques your interest?

Do you have a passion so strong for “something” that when you take the time to do it, everything else falls by the wayside? You are in your element, happy space, and everything just flows in a lovely way.

Where does your strong passion or interest present itself – at work, your side business or when you focus on a favorite hobby?

For me, my happy space is creating something, anything, to keep me inspired, engaged and on my toes.

  • Sketching logos and designing concepts next to an open window
  • Riding my bike and discovering a solution to a marketing strategy challenge
  • Downward dogging it on my yoga mat and finding inspiration for a social media campaign
  • Looking through my camera lens for an interesting angle and uncovering an original, creative direction
  • Practicing for a presentation in a different setting and identifying a better way to engage my target audience

Do you take the time to find your happy space at work?

This past May, Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat Pray Love, came to Denver. She scheduled a cross country tour to promote her new book, Big Magic and share stories of her journeys along the way. At the Paramount Theater, the room was full of energetic, driven professionals, mostly women, and Liz spoke of taking the path of curiosity over fear.

“Don’t worry about following a chosen passion. Stay patient and keep the faith with a new direction you are seeking. Allow yourself to trust and lead by what you know.”

What excites you, drives you?

For many who feel they don’t have a special passion to follow, find something that you are curious about, stirs you, ignites you, makes you get out of bed and follow it to no end.

Your curiosity keeps you engaged, so much that you forget to eat lunch, shower or head to bed on time. You are fully present in the moment.

Follow your curiosity and lead yourself on a new journey towards discovery. Your life will become more interesting, and perhaps lead to bigger, better, more exciting business ventures. Imagine following your interest and allowing it fully embrace you like a warm hug.

Carve out time for you to follow your curiosity. Something is going to happen. Something really special! It is going to be worth it.

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