What story do you wish to tell?

There you are!

I see your hotel on social media. You’re posting a few pictures, providing some interesting content and creating an event on Facebook. Terrific!

What are you doing so your hotel can stand out in the crowd and get noticed?

Whenever I start a client project, I begin with a creative strategy and planning session to clearly define a vision for your business and your brand. During this session I ask many questions. Here are a few.

• How can we make a project, inspiring, engaging and authentic?
• Do have a story to tell that is worth remembering?
• What would make your target audience stop and take a look, and maybe, just maybe, take an even closer look?

Together, we ponder these important marketing questions in order to grab your marketplace’s attention and get someone to act–to make a purchase or to stay at top of mind when they are ready to make a purchase.

In my business, I graphically and photographically tell clients stories through solid graphics, custom images and fresh, that means now, in real-time, content so you can stand out and get noticed.

I strongly believe that graphic design is here to stay and serves a purpose in the hotel and hospitality industry, while online marketing is the strongest it’s ever been and is here to stay, and continue to grow.

Every business, large and small, is on social media and is ready to toot their horn.

A terrific way to engage your audience is through storytelling.

Stories are an intrinsic part of our society and culture. Movies, books, music and new media, they are all part of storytelling. Stories define our values, desires and dreams and have been around a long time and handed down from generation to generation.

At Marni Myers Creative we present client stories, to get your point across and to inspire, educate and persuade someone to act.

Storytelling is a way of sharing what is currently happening in your business. You can share your current happenings by combining:
Vivid graphics that visually tell your latest news
Custom lifestyle photography that shows off your recently completed lobby and spa renovations
Your best storytelling content that describes the fabulous fundraising party you sponsored Saturday night at your hotel.

I encourage you to rethink how you share your story.
Tell a story that is worth remembering!

What story do you wish to tell?


Graphically & Photographically Telling Your Story,